Kicking 17

Femdom mafia 1!

Joschi is in a problematic situation. He didn't squeeze any money off the femdom mafia. His fear becomes true. One day the gang's Godmother personally stands at the door and comes to visit him in his apartment. She brought another lady with her, a big very bad looking one: her hitwoman. The Godmother asks Joschi why he didn't pay last week. Joschi can only stammer again and again that he unfortunately has no money and therefore cannot pay. But the Godmother doesn't want to hear any excuses, she orders her Hitwoman: "Kick him!" And Hitwoman kicks Joschi with her pointed boots. Again and again in conversation with Joschi the Godmother of the Hitwoman calls "Kick him!", "Kick him in his Ripps!", Etc., And the Hitwoman immediately follows her orders and brutally kicks Joschi in the ribs with his boots and everywhere else there. As a lesson, she should also smoke a burning cigarette on Joschi. But he whines for mercy and Godmther leaves it at the admonition, but he has to swallow the burning ashes of Hitwomans cigarette, yes the contents of an entire ashtray, full of cigarette butts and ashes from the floor. Then, according to Godmother's orders, further hard kick series for Joschi follow. In the end, Godmother Joschi threatens with her pistol and makes it clear to him that he has to pay, otherwise it will not go well with him next time.

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Kicking 17

  • Product Code: Kicking 17
Length: Minute
  • 27.37€

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